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The new normal

Many, during this time of lock-down have been upgrading their skillsets to prepare for the new normal without really knowing what it is. Many are defining their business approach to see how they will interact with stakeholders. Many are re-engineering their vision to ensure income continues. Everyone is considering change without knowing what to change.

The new normal requires a change in the way in which we treat and respect what is around us - our connect with one another, the environment, the community and the world at large. Should we not move from being self-centred to being considerate and caring? Should we not consider being prudent rather than wasteful? Should we not consider the future and not just the present. A future that is better than what we are in, a future that is worth giving to the next generation and a future that ensures that our present has purpose and vision.

If our "New Normal" does not have these traits, then we live in the danger of self-destruction - a destruction that does not come from out there, but from within. The new normal must show that we have learnt from our past.

It is not about how we do to get more of what we had, but what we do to ensure that what we have benefits all in the new normal. #future #thenewnormal


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