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“If you talk to a man in a language he understands – that goes to his head. If you talk to a man in his language – that goes to his heart.

- Nelson Mandela

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At a time when face to face meetings are becoming rare, all non- contact methods of communication are critical to success.

U are not alone.

We will work together to facilitate a vehicle of communication that is efficient and effective, giving you the preferredge over others who are demanding your customer’s attention!

I am here …

To enable you to


• With clarity

• With purpose

• With precision

To ensure that your creative communication

• Achieves its intent

• Elicits a favourable response

• Provokes constructive action


Mr. Ashok Philip is a master at his subject and crafts his speech brilliantly to suit the needs of his audiences, in our case it was 'Branding for Professional Speakers'.

We were thoroughly immersed, enjoyed his talk and learnt in equal measure from his deep insights. Blessed with the giift of the gab, a great vocabulary, and a keen sense of humour, Ashok manages to be lucid enough  to reach the last person in the audience without sounding brash.

We would like to recommend Mr. Philip as a speaker and consultant in his niche of Branding & Communication and wish him all the very best for all his future endeavours.

Rating Stars

Delshad Master

Professional Speakers Association of India, Bangalore Chapter

I have seen Ashok grow to be one who is able to captivate an audience through his presentation skills. His ability to creatively communicate to the listener is a talent he has developed over time and much practise. He has also developed the skill to understand needs of customers thus enabling him successfully to provide tangible solutions for them. He is diligent and committed to excellence in what he sets his heart to do. I wish him well in seeing this passion of his succeed.

Rating Stars

Pranav Parikh

Chairman & Managing Director TechNova Imaging Systems (P) Ltd. INDIA

I have known Ashok for the last 22 years. TechNova is the common ground that united us. He has a super innovative, creative, and strategic mind. He has the ability to come up great ideas for difficult solutions. His command over English language in speaking, writing, and reading is excellent. He is very sincere, dedicated and determined in every task he takes up. I have enjoyed working with him. I wish him all the best for his future.

Rating Stars

Shankar Raman


Digital Print Media

TechNova Imaging Systems (P) Ltd.


Ashok, is an exceptional writer with an amazing ability to research and develop content that is 100% accurate. I was particularly impressed with his ability to structure the content, given limited information, and the quick time frame in which it was complete. He is very knowledgeable, with the ability to guide the client concisely on the most strategic keywords, and crafting beautiful seamless copy based on sound research. Working with Ashok was a pleasure. I would recommend his services to anyone. Thank you for providing clarity, focus, professionalism and for going beyond expectations.

Rating Stars

Jayan Varghese
SigntoDesign Pvt Ltd.

I first met Ashok as a customer in the UK in 2010. Ashok very quickly became a trusted business associate and friend. I was very saddened when he decided to return home, as I had become used to a can do, will do attitude and aptitude to problem solving. Ashok is the type of guy you want on your side when things get rough. I was amazed how quickly Ashok gained my confidence, learnt from the questions he asked and put that learning into actions. From what Ashok has explained about his new venture, he and his customers will become good working partners and will go onto much success together. Best of luck and keep smiling Ashok you are a trustworthy and honest guy.

Rating Stars

Gary Livermore

High Value Canon Customer


Ashok helped our Church on a number of occasions to design and implement a number of publicity ventures including producing flyers and banners. He has a remarkable eye. His artwork was consistently good. He is a clear communicator in his designs. The banners, invites and flyers were eye catching and very stylish, not overly busy and yet arresting. The captions were simple and captivating. I would happily recommend him to you. 

Rating Stars

Zac Abraham


Church of the Living God


For the past more than 6 years I have known Ashok and it has been a pleasure interacting with him. His transparent approach to building a relationship with our needs and concerns at the centre was refreshing. His relentless efforts to ensure the best for us is truly commendable. The ease with which he had connected with us and quickly became a trusted friend to our organisation and me personally will be cherished for years to come. I wish Ashok all the very best as he follows his passion to help others communicate effectively.

Rating Stars

Saifee Makasarwala
Chief Operating Officer
Silverpoint Press Pvt Ltd 
(High Value HP customer)

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